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Why are you yelling?

Have you noticed that some people are just yellers?  Not necessarily all the time, mostly when they get perturbed. I was in the car with my 4yr old granddaughter the other day and we were talking about how bossy people don’t have a lot of friends.  She was telling me she had to yell at…
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A year later

I wrote this last year, and never “published” it.  Our son is now home and ran for cover last night when someone set off some sort of sky-rocket fireworks.  It caught him by surprise and he did what he was trained to do.  Sigh.  I’m publishing this – not so much for the Civil War…
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We’re in a fight.

This title could lead to many possible topics.  I overheard it as part of someone’s telephone conversation.  It was a woman, in the airport, seemingly alone, walking past me.  I heard, “We’re in a fight. <pause> No, we’re in a fight.”  Her intonation and my guessing led me to believe she was talking about her…
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