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Auld Lange Syne

Auld Lange Syne To be perfectly honest, I have company visiting and don’t want to take away from precious family time to concentrate on a new blog. However, I do have some interesting information to share… I recently heard some conversation about where Auld Lange Syne came from and what it might actually mean. If […]

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The 8yr old Perspective

It’s been a very busy week and I am currently in the car, on a long ride with our oldest granddaughter, Rory. Since she is already a published author (Autism: Rory’s Story, Having an autistic brother), I thought I’d let her guest write this week’s blog. Enjoy… My family is Jack, Jackie, Grandma, Maggie, Jenny, […]

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Grandchildren Interruptions

I have always said that, to me, it’s “family first.” Which means I will miss work if my family needs me, I will skip housework/chores if time with my family presents itself, and I will find a fill in for a prior commitment if my family comes to visit. Since last Friday, our oldest granddaughter […]

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Making family a priority

I awoke with a start this morning. It’s Friday, and I haven’t written my blog yet! Did I panic? Nah. I did get up and get a cup of coffee to kick-start my brain and get ready to write, but I didn’t panic. You see, while I love to write and encourage others to be […]

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