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Eye contact and smiles

Recently,  I watched a baby, maybe 6 months old; pat his dad’s arm, in hopes of getting his attention.  Dad was paying attention to the person speaking, but he took a moment and looked at his son.  Oh my goodness, that little boy’s entire face lit up with a smile!  The look on his face…
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A Proper “Hi!”

We were walking in a crowd the other day and saw the cutest little curly-haired blond girl, being carried by her daddy. Let me tell you… this child had everyone behind her smiling big grins. Do you know why? She was saying “Hi” and waving to everyone. This girl knew how to say a proper…
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Eye contact rewarded with a smile

Yes, I am well aware that a tragedy occurred in Virginia on Wednesday, and we continue to pray for the families and friends of WDBJ TV crew members, Alison Parker and Adam Ward. We lived in the Roanoke area for eight years and still have family there. I have blogged about senseless shootings before. You…
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