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I try to stay away from politics

This is a hot topic this year and it leads to some heated discussions.  Even trying to remain (publicly) neutral isn’t safe, as someone with a strong opinion may take the neutral position as disagreeing with them.  I do have my thoughts on the topic and some people know them, but I try to stay…
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Why is it that some people don’t seem to understand responsible financial management?!

For a while there was a high school math class, Personal Finance, that actually showed you how to manage your money.  Things like how to keep a checkbook, pay your bills, what bills you should have, the estimated cost of things, SAVING money, budgeting, credit cards, are all important things.  Is this not offered anymore? …
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Kudos to Colorado

I recently attended an education forum that had, as one of the speakers, a Senator from Colorado, who had been a 9th grade English teacher, moved up the ranks to Principal of an alternative school, and eventually ventured into politics.  I have no idea how old he is, I would guess mid 30’s.  Apparently, he…
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