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Distraction Delays

While sitting at dinner, the other evening, I saw what looked like a hummingbird flitting around the basil in our garden. I even had Jim look, because hummingbirds aren’t supposed to go to green things. They are supposed to go after bright reds or oranges. Jim confirmed it was a hummingbird that was experiencing a […]

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Are you ready for Christmas?

One of my favorite quotes is from Dave Ramsey, when he’s talking about people using credit cards “for emergencies” and they consider buying Christmas presents an “emergency” because they put it off and forgot to save. Somehow Christmas sneaked up on them. Dave says, “Christmas comes on the same day every year.” No, I’m not […]

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Sometimes you learn

Watching a Webinar Jim and I watched John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic, and Dave Ramsey talked about “Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn”  a new book by John Maxwell. The webinar was wonderful!  I imagine the book will be, too. A couple of things they focused on were Taking responsibility for your actions Humility verses pride All three […]

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Needs vs. Wants

Jim and I have been through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and even helped facilitate one.  I “follow” Dave on social media and often re-post his stuff.  I shared this the other day… I often ask people if what they are thinking of buying is a “want or a need.” If you are doing well, […]

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