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Not showing up

I have written on the topic of promise, agreements, commitments before, but I still find all too often that people think nothing of just not showing up for something they said they’d show up for. I find it very frustrating. Posting this as a reminder to keep your commitments (and if you don’t think you […]

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Are You Over-Committed?

In a day and age when people often say, “People just don’t seem to have the commitment they used to have” (in the good ol’ days). They say, “People aren’t committed to their jobs or their marriages or their children, etc.” I must admit… I find myself exhausted by the end of the day lately. […]

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The Power of NO

I have written about the need to say “No” before, but have recently been asked to revisit the topic. Let me start with a story…. I was in the hallway of a past work place asking a co-worker if they could help with an evening event. They hemmed and hawed and eventually gave some explanation […]

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It’s almost Veteran’s Day

Nationally, we set aside November 11th to honor veterans every year. What IS a veteran? The dictionary states: A veteran is a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field. Typically, when we think of a veteran, we think of a military veteran.  So what is a military veteran? FEDERAL […]

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Your Brain and Toxins

Your Brain & Toxins  Janet Harrison, MSOD, gave a winning speech at our Toastmasters Club meeting last night.  It was packed full of great information and she has, graciously, allowed me to share some of it with you! She talked about how the toxins that we take in, whether environmental or food/beverage, can damage our […]

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Viet Nam Veteran’s Welcome Home

Back in March, my husband and I had the privilege to be volunteers, with the USO NC, at the Viet Nam Veteran’s Welcome Home Ceremony in Charlotte, NC.  Many of you know that I am an Army BRAT, and an Army mom, so my family is quite respectful of our military and their families, and […]

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Your cheatin’ heart (PG13)

I read an interesting FB post link yesterday.  I think it was titled, “Why married men don’t cheat” or some such thing.  I skimmed it, as Jim and I discuss this every now and again, when we hear about some celebrity affair/divorce.  I just don’t understand what people don’t get – once you’re committed to […]

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