Tag: #ChooseJoy

The words that scare us most

Like many of you, our family has had its share of devasting moments. A few years ago, our sweet grandson was not responding to his name. At eighteen months he wasn’t talking. His older sister was quite the chatterbox by that time. I know, I know, you shouldn’t compare one to another. Each child is…
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Be like a tree

Once a month, we travel up to Virginia to visit our boys and their families. One trip, I was looking out the window at the trees. The more I looked at them, the more I truly saw them. Did you know all kinds of trees co-exist together?! Okay, I am not a botany expert, so…
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A Child’s Tomorrow

A friend’s recent Facebook status quote by her young son, “I was a good boy tomorrow” just cracked me up. It also reminded me of a “tomorrow” story involving my own son. Let me set the scenario – it is Christmas Eve. My son & I are staying the night with my parents, so as…
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