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Dress yourself with joy

As Christians, I would think we have all heard the comment, “Put on the full armor of God.” This comes from Ephesians 6:10-17.  There are many wonderful Bible studies on these specific verses. However, I recently came across (Psalm 65:12 New Life Version), “The fields of the desert are filled with water. And the hills…
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Choose Joy this December!

We cannot let situations determine our outlook on life, our hope for the future, or our joy in the present.

When the dark shadow comes

The pictures you see were left by someone I love very dearly.  When I found them, I asked if I could use them for a blog.  They are shared with permission. What do you see when you look at them? I’ll tell you what I see… Picture 1.  I see someone walking with a dark…
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No Worries

I am excited to be a monthly contributor to the Armor Of God Coffee devotional page on their website. They gave me a really nice intro into it… Our blog for this week on how the key to a “no worries” faith is to realize we are walking in chaos and stop, take a few…
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Surrounded by Affirmation

Yes, I am guilty of being a part of the crowd… taking a bathroom selfie. However, it was with good reason! I have been substituting, at a particular school, often.  In the adult restroom, there was a pad of sticky notes and a pen on the shelf.  Each day I was there, the sticky notes…
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To Decorate or Not (and to what extent)?

Have you put out your decorations yet?  No matter which holiday you celebrate there are decorations involved. We celebrate Christmas.  The decorating possibilities are endless! Will you put up a tree?  Live or fake? More than one? Will you put up outside lights? Where?  On the roof, on the trees? Blinking or not? What about…
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Joy to you and yours

December is upon us and it is supposed to be the season of joy. Right? No matter which holiday you celebrate, I would think most of them include being joyful during this time.  Personally, we celebrate Christmas, with carols like Joy to the world, the Lord is come… God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, bring tidings…
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Thanksgiving Afterthoughts

It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  How are you spending your day? You might be Working Shopping Watching sports Eating leftovers Cleaning up after having a full house Decorating for Christmas Wrapping presents Sending cards Still counting your blessings and being thankful Or any number of other things As you go through your day, have you…
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The Choices We Make: 7 questions to ask ourselves

We are confronted with thousands of decisions daily. Many of them are rather mundane and basic like what time to get up in the morning, what to have for breakfast, which direction to drive to work, etc. Some are placed upon us by the expectations of others, whether family or work situations. However, many are…
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Wellbeing Matters

Last month we looked at various aspects of Well-being (career, social, financial, physical, community, spiritual), and we asked you to rate where you were in each aspect on a 1-10 scale. You probably discovered that some aspects of your well-being are in good shape and others need some improvement. The next step is to set…
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