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Have a Safe Halloween

Do you believe there is evil in the world? I sure do. Just look at the news. People do horrific things to other people, and to animals. While people who seek to harm others will do so on their schedule, Halloween certainly provides an opportunity for them. Halloween used to be fun and safe. We […]

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Fireworks Tips for Veterans with PTSD

I am seeing a lot of posts about “being aware of veterans around you during the 4th of July.”  I agree that if you are aware of a veteran with PTSD in your vicinity, you should NOT aggravate them by shooting off illegal fireworks.  Well, you shouldn’t be using illegal fireworks anyway! However, the reality […]

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Make up

You gotta be kidding me! This week’s blog is a soapbox rant, so be prepared – teehee I was driving to a networking event the other morning when I came upon a car going 5 miles under the speed limit.  That in itself can be frustrating if you’re in a hurry, but I was good […]

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Staying fit during recovery

How many of us have started a new exercise program only to end up with a sports injury that sidelines us? (Yup, I’m raising my hand, are you?) I am on day six of no exercise, after having started out 2013 very well.  I’ve had nine weeks of doing Zumba four or five times a […]

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Pay Attention While Driving!

Wow.  That is what I said, for about five minutes straight, yesterday. I was driving on I40, heading to an appointment in Durham, in the passing lane cruising along about 70mph and singing with the radio.  Out of the corner of my eye I see smoke or dust or something.  I glance over and (as […]

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Finding the good in losing everything.

Two houses in three months. Fire has claimed the entire homes of two people I know, in the last three months.  Maybe you know someone who has lost everything, due to a fire.  Thankfully, in both of these situations, the family was all okay. I got to thinking about this yesterday and remembered the FaceBook […]

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Do we really have the “right-of-way?”

I was at Walmart today and saw a man almost get hit by a car that was backing up.  It was crazy.  I don’t think either one was really paying attention to their surroundings.  Yikes! I know the law says “pedestrians have the right-of-way,” but I would not walk out on a crosswalk into oncoming […]

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Am I being Cautious or Paranoid?

I love being outside and doing yard work.  I have planted (with help from my dad) most of the landscaping at most of the houses we’ve lived in.  I live to be outside – on a warm sunny day. Some of you have heard that I stepped in two hornet’s nests in two weeks, and […]

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