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Talk is cheap

I bet you know someone who is often talking about what they are going to do – and yet… they aren’t doing it. We all know people like this. The person who talks about • Wanting to lose weight – yet, they sit on the couch eating candy • Wanting to save money or be…
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When is the RIGHT time for Christmas Decorations?

This is an often discussed topic, and can be a cause of unnecessary stress. I know that everyone has an opinion on this.  How has your opinion been formed?  Why do we put up decorations when we do? It’s what our parents did, so it’s what we do The neighbors put theirs up Decorations are…
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Peer Influences

Studies show that you become who you hang out with.  Wouldn’t it make sense to hang out with people who have the same standards, morals, and values that you do? Look around you.  Are you hanging out with who you want to be? Do you want to be a drug dealer, addict, or alcoholic?  Maybe…
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What to do with leftover candy.

It’s November 1st.  For many of us (especially the children) it’s stomach ache day. I remember sorting through our kids’ candy when they came home from trick-or-treating, to pull out anything that was open, or we considered unsafe.  I also remember going through it, after they were asleep, to pull out the candy we wanted…
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Make memories

This week’s blog will be very short because sometimes you can’t fix it there are no words love transcends In all situations, attitude can make a huge difference. Make a memory this weekend!

What do you believe about good and evil?

It’s an interesting question don’t you think?  I’m reading a series of books by Joel Rosenberg.  My husband had read them and recommended them, but I thought they were documentaries, so didn’t pick them up.  Out of reading material last month, I started one and discovered they are suspenseful fiction, and I can’t put them…
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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Facebook status posts stating an opinion.  That’s all well and good as you are entitled to your opinion and the right to express it by the US Constitution’s First Amendment. However, when someone posts a very strong opinion on a controversial topic, I believe this invites discussion.  Often times,…
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Are you listening?

I have attended a couple of different seminars this week that have focused on listening skills.  Not doctor’s appointments to check my “hearing” but seminars that talk about “listening.”  They are different. One of the things mentioned was “response” as a listener.  The presentation was by Army Master Sgt. Jennifer Loredo, based on the work…
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Things are out of control

How many of you stress and/or worry about things that are not in your control? When people ask me how I’m doing, if I really give an honest answer… I’m fine.  My life is going along pretty well. Now, if I start thinking about the people around me and some of the issues they are…
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A worthy role model

I wrote about role models once before and how our young people often look up to someone who is unworthy (in my opinion). Did you watch the All-Star baseball game on Tuesday night?  Even if you are not a fan, it had some memorable moments.  MLB chose to honor People Magazine’s Tribute for Heroes and…
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