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How we respond matters

I love that Armor of God Devotional page allows me to speak my mind. Check it out here! https://www.armorofgodcoffee.com/blogs/armor-up/how-we-respond-matters

Honor your father and mother

Love that I can share my thoughts through the Armor of God Coffee Company devotionals, @ArmorCoffee … https://www.armorofgodcoffee.com/blogs/armor-up/honor-your-father-and-mother

Do not be afraid

Appreciate that @ArmorGodCoffee allows me to share my thoughts on their site, and the feedback from it… “Thanks for reminding me that my God is bigger than any of my fears.” Check out my latest blog here… https://www.armorofgodcoffee.com/blogs/armor-up/go-from-fear-to-faith

Your words matter

I was pleased that this blog, contributed to Armor Of God Coffee website. got quite a bit of traction last week! Check it out here… https://www.armorofgodcoffee.com/blogs/armor-up/your-words-make-a-lasting-impression

No Worries

I am excited to be a monthly contributor to the Armor Of God Coffee devotional page on their website. They gave me a really nice intro into it… Our blog for this week on how the key to a “no worries” faith is to realize we are walking in chaos and stop, take a few…
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