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Kids and money

Just swipe it! Oh my goodness.  Have you seen the credit card commercial (I don’t recall which card) where the woman is traveling and she buys her plane tickets by “swiping” her card?  Then she buys something at a store and the cashier asks her if she wants anything else, she’s like “oh, yeah – […]

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YouTube music videos can make you smile

Music soothes the savage beast. Have you ever just had a song pop into your head?  I’m sure many of you have.  Does it come out of nowhere, or is it the result of something someone said or something you saw? For me, it’s both.  Usually, it comes from something I’ve read on Facebook.  It […]

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Sharing is caring

I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase, “sharing is caring.”  My granddaughter introduced me to that phrase when she was about three.  Of course, she usually said it when taking something away from her younger brother.  It seemed appropriate to her at the time – chuckle.    As she has gotten older (all of […]

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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Facebook status posts stating an opinion.  That’s all well and good as you are entitled to your opinion and the right to express it by the US Constitution’s First Amendment. However, when someone posts a very strong opinion on a controversial topic, I believe this invites discussion.  Often times, […]

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Are you listening?

I have attended a couple of different seminars this week that have focused on listening skills.  Not doctor’s appointments to check my “hearing” but seminars that talk about “listening.”  They are different. One of the things mentioned was “response” as a listener.  The presentation was by Army Master Sgt. Jennifer Loredo, based on the work […]

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Pick your battles and win the ones you pick.

I have recently watched a child scream to get their way, and the parent gave in.  The child “won” so to speak.  What did that parent just teach that child?  When I scream I get what I want. I have seen parents say no, or try to insist their child do something.  In either situation, […]

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Time with your children IS important.

As Parents and Grandparents As parents many of us try to “do it right”, be the perfect parents, yada-yada.  Regardless, try as we might, most of us did not end up as the “perfect parents.”  Of course hindsight is 20-20, and as grandparents we get to give it another try.  However, it’s totally different! My […]

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