Strife is real

Strife is real

I suppose “strife” isn’t an often used word these days, but it fits with the point I’m making.

Strife means:

  1. vigorous or bitter conflict, discord, or antagonism
  2. a quarrel, struggle, or clash
  3. competition or rivalry

Yes, strife happens.  We are human.  Disagreements, conflicts, struggles and rivalry can happen among groups of siblings, children, co-workers, and friends.

If you are a peace-loving, try-to- get-along with everybody type of person, you will feel as I do… “Walk away from drama!”

However, sometimes that just isn’t an option, because you live or work with these people.

Can you remain calm in the storm that is going on around you?  Certainly.  It can be a little tricky, but here are some tips…

  • Remain neutral  – be like Switzerland, don’t choose a side
  • Be a good listener – often times people just want someone to listen to them
  • Keep a confidence – unless someone tells you they are going to hurt themselves, or others, don’t share what they told you
  • When you get frustrated, share with someone you trust – for me, that’s my husband, or sometimes my mom.  I trust both of them to not share what I have told them. 
  • Be a peacemaker –if it’s an option, help people work out their differences
  • When necessary – walk away from drama

Be a good sibling, parent, co-worker, or friend.  Don’t stir the pot!  You know what I’m talking about… saying things that you know push other people’s buttons. Some folks enjoy getting others riled up. Don’t be that person.

Stay out of things that don’t concern you (unless it’s an emergency situation). Jumping into the fray will not help the situation.  Sometimes, in the heat of a struggle people are looking for someone to blame.  You could find that people end up blaming you.  That’s no fun!

Remember… Silence is Golden and Patience is a Virtue.

Have a peaceful, strife-free weekend!