Stress Management [OLD]

Relieve Stress at NewDirection Yes, I said that naughty “S” word… STRESS. We all have stress. Some of us have more than others and we are all effected by it differently, but everyone has some stress in their life. Did you know stress can KILL you?
Did you know your body needs rest (as in SLEEP) to recover from the day’s activities, both physical and mental. If you are not getting enough sleep your body does not have the chance to unwind and you are starting the next day with some stress left over from the day before. This builds up to an overabundance of stress and you will have a reaction to this.

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During my stress coaching course I learned MANY interesting things that I would love to share with you. Some of it was common sense and some things were quite eye-opening.
If you would like help to identify your stressors, discover ways to manage stress, and realize how important rest is in your life – Let’s talk. 

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