Staying fit during recovery

Staying fit during recovery

How many of us have started a new exercise program only to end up with a sports injury that sidelines us? (Yup, I’m raising my hand, are you?)

I am on day six of no exercise, after having started out 2013 very well.  I’ve had nine weeks of doing Zumba four or five times a week.  It was working, I was feeling better and people were complimenting me (always a plus, right?).  Then, one wrong twist and I’m done exercising.  I have to tell you – I am missing it!  I’m hanging around my house feeling very sloth-like.

My question is… how do people stay fit when they are forced to “rest it” to recuperate?  So, I went in search of answers. 

There are lots of articles on this.  I guess I’m not the only one this has happened to – grin.  Since I’m dealing with a knee issue, the comments about run, walk, swim don’t apply, but here are a few that do…

How to Keep in Shape With an Injury

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  • ·         Many repetitions of an exercise can get your heart pumping. For example, try holding a 5lb weight in each hand and move your arms back and forth as if you were jogging.
  • ·         Without your usual training regimen, your metabolism will slow down and you won’t need as much food. Make sure the food you do eat is healthy. Even if you’re depressed about your injury and want to stuff your face with doughnuts, remember that those extra pounds will only make returning to your sport that much harder.

What to Do When Fitness Injury Strikes

  • ·         “Upper-body workouts actually burn more calories and provide more cardiovascular fitness than a lower-body workout, so you’re not going to lose anything in terms of conditioning if you just switch your workouts,” Schlifstein tells WebMD.
  • ·         “One week wrapped in an Ace bandage, and it can take three to four weeks to regain strength in the injured area,” says Schlifstein.
  • ·         “You have to be able to go through the motion — without actually doing the exercise — pain-free for one week before you can be sure you’re ready to resume your activity,” says Gotlin. 

This news doesn’t look good for our son, who’s been in a boot on crutches for over three months – yikes.  Or for me who’s been eating the chocolate cake somebody left behind, sigh.  People often comment about my great “willpower.”  HA!  I’ve learned if chocolate’s in the house it calls me by name!  I’ve also learned not to have it in the house – grin.

Looks like soup can arm curls and no more chocolate cake are what’s in store for me in the coming week.  How about you?  What can you do to stay fit if you are forced to take a break from your exercise routine?  OR maybe you need to get started on an exercise routine.  If I can do it you can do it!



*Pam Horton is a Certified Life Coach in the Raleigh/Durham area.*






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