Squished on a plane

Squished on a plane

I’m currently sitting on an airplane with the person in front of me reclined, so that he is almost in my lap. Yes, I’m a little annoyed. Here I sit with my laptop in my lap tilted back so it is able to open and I can do some work. Yes, it’s an inconvenience. I looked around, this man is the only one on this plane in a recline position. I know other people do it too; it’s probably happened to you, so you understand my dismay.

How would you handle this situation?
I could
• Say something nasty to him to prove my point
• Ask him politely to sit up
• Silently fume and allow it to ruin my day
• Suck it up buttercup, he paid for his seat too
• Wonder if people are unaware or so self-absorbed they don’t care that their actions negatively impact others and write a blog about it – grin.

I opted for the last two. I don’t believe a rude response to someone’s rudeness is the correct answer. I don’t think he gives a hoot and it really isn’t my place to ask him to sit up, he did pay for that seat, and is by rights allowed to recline.

Will anything be done about it? No. This flight is only an hour, but some flights are longer, and in those cases you’ll find more people reclining, especially early morning or late at night.

• So, what is the point of this entire blog (other than my venting)? If you travel, and are blissfully unaware of how your actions impact others… this is your AH-HA moment. It’s time to be a little more considerate of your fellow traveler. And for those of you who feel your space is being invaded – it’s a harsh reality but you don’t need to be rude in return. Suck it up buttercup; they paid for their seat, too.

*By the way, there was a gentleman on the plane who was helping several other passengers with their luggage in the overheads. That was a self-aware and “others-focused” traveler that we could all learn from.

*Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management coach in the Raleigh area.*


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