Spam, phishing, legit?

Spam, phishing, legit?


A few folks just found my blog.  I have 150 comments today!  I’m fairly sure most of them are not real people, or interested in hearing from me, but rather interested in promoting themselves.

To be sure and cover the topics that were posed as questions…

  • I do not recall which theme was used for the website.
  • Yes, I have social media sites…!/NewDirectionLC

  • Yes, I have a newsletter…

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  • At this time, I am not hosting guest bloggers, but that may come in the future.
  • My blog topics tend to be about things I observe in the course of a week that I think would make a good story/lesson, or make a point.

To those people who are really commenting, “Thank You!”  I greatly appreciate your encouraging words.



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