Sometimes you learn

Sometimes you learn

Watching a Webinar

Jim and I watched John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic, and Dave Ramsey talked about “Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn”  a new book by John Maxwell.

The webinar was wonderful!  I imagine the book will be, too.

A couple of things they focused on were

  • Taking responsibility for your actions
  • Humility verses pride

All three men told wonderful stories of their personal failures and how they learned from them.  They all talked about the fact that they wallowed in their failure for a little while, but then they made the decision to use the failure as a learning experience, get off their tush and get started back on the road to success.

John gave three tips for improvement

  1. Improving yourself is the first step to improving everything else.
  2. Improvement forces us out of our comfort zone.
  3.  Improvement is a daily commitment.

Did you know Jim is a certified coach on the John Maxwell Team?  You can order John’s new book off of Jim’s website.  I was trying to post the link here, but the webinar must be causing the site to be so busy it’s inaccessible.  You should be able to access it by the time you read this.  You can go to Jim’s site and go to the products tab – grin.

Let me finish with a couple of great quotes.

“When I plant stupid, I usually reap desperate.”  ~Dave Ramsey~

“When you’re more concerned about learning from your losses, than how you feel about your losses, then you will succeed.” ~John Maxwell~

I wonder what each of us will learn this weekend?



*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*



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