Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase, “sharing is caring.” 

My granddaughter introduced me to that phrase when she was about three.  Of course, she usually said it when taking something away from her younger brother.  It seemed appropriate to her at the time – chuckle.   

As she has gotten older (all of five now), she has gotten better with sharing her things with others.  She will often come over and give me something.  When I respond with, “Thank you” she will say, “Sharing is caring.”  Sometimes she even goes to her room and wraps up some little toy or book because she wants to give me a gift.  How sweet.

It should be the same in the business world, don’t you think?

If you get to know a business person who you like and believe them to be good at their job, you can help them grow their business by “sharing” about them with your friends/family/colleagues.  It’s just good business.


Sharing information about a business can be done a few ways.

  • ·         Word of mouth
  • ·         Mention them in an article or blog
  • ·         Display something with their logo on it (bumper sticker, pin, pen, t-shirt)
  • ·         “Share” the news via social media (see a few ideas below)
    • §  Facebook
    • §  Twitter
    • §  LinkedIn
    • §  Google+
    • §  Link to their website

To bring all this together (grandchildren and business sharing)…

I have written a book, sharing information about my grandson and my family’s journey through the realm of autism.

I also built a website to help share the fact that the book will soon be available for purchase, and to keep folks updated on some of the current autism news.

I posted a picture of me with the book on the NewDirection Life Coaching “fan” page, with the link to the book website, and asked people to share the post.  Guess what?!  People did!  As of this writing, over 2,700 people have “viewed” that post!  How cool is that?!

Your contacts can share your “stuff” on the internet, too.

  • ·         CREATE good content
  • ·         POST it
  • ·         ASK people to share
  • ·         SHARE other people’s “stuff”

Remember, sharing is caring – grin. 

Let me share the website of my Toastmasters club with you… “Where leaders are born.”  Come visit!

Feel free to share this blog with your friends/family/colleagues!  THANKS and have a wonderful long weekend!



*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach in the Raleigh/Durham area.*



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