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We’ve all heard about the effects of positive or negative self-talk.  This week I observed both.

I was playing pickleball and my partner had missed a couple shots.  I looked at her and she said, “I’m so ashamed of myself.”  Astonished, I asked her why and she said, “I’m not playing well.”  I told her it was just a game and that there was absolutely no need to be ashamed.  After we got beat, I talked with her a little and tried to encourage her, not in her play but in her self-talk.

I was monitoring a student who was completing a math assignment on the computer.  He pronounced, “Look at me!  I’m doing so well!  I chuckled and thought, “Good for him.  He’s encouraging himself with positive self-talk.”

That was when I knew the topic of this week’s blog had to be about self-talk.

We are probably our own worst critic.  We know our abilities. We know when we aren’t getting the results other expect from us, or that we expect from ourselves.  We also are pretty good at putting ourselves down when we don’t do well.  If we get down on ourselves, it will be even harder to pick ourselves up. I would suggest it may even be negative self-talk that is our first voice, unless we intentionally become aware of it and decide to make a change.

On the other hand, if we are recognizing our accomplishments, no matter how small, and reminding ourselves how well we are doing, it will be easier to pick ourselves up when something doesn’t go exactly as we had hoped.

Our thoughts determine our actions.  So how do you keep your thoughts positive, instead of negative?

  • Remember that no one is perfect
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Remind yourself of your achievements
  • Find humor in bad situations
  • Read positive quotes

*You can read positive quotes daily on the NewDirection Life Coaching Facebook page.*

For most of us, positive self-talk takes practice, but it is so much more beneficial to our mindset.  You can do it!

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