See me beautiful

See me beautiful

I walked by a photo frame of lyrics this morning – well I walk by it every morning since it hangs on my wall, and I thought it would be good to post as my BLOG this week.  It is a song by Red Grammer (who we had the pleasure of working & dining with one weekend about 25 years ago).   I’ll post the lyrics & a YouTube link to the song.  Enjoy.


See me beautiful,
look for the best in me.
That’s what I really am,
and all I want to be.
It may take some time
It may be hard to find,
but see me beautiful.

See me beautiful,
each and every day.
Could you take a chance?
Could you find a way?
To see me shining through
in everything I do
and see me beautiful

~ by Kathy and Red Grammer ~


*Pam Horton is a lifecoach working to encourage and guide others to find the hope in their future.*



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  1. Dawn says:

    THAT is just wonderful! 🙂 thanks for sharing.. may borrow this & show it to my girls

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