School in 2020

School in 2020

No matter how your student is attending school (in person, online, or a hybrid of the two), school is starting all over the country. This can be a stressful time for kids, and their parents. Especially with the uncertainty and uniqueness of each situation. Here are some tips, for your children, to help ease the chaos that may have arrived in your home.

  • Have a regular bedtime.
  • Choose outfits the night before, even if they aren’t attending in person, stick to a “normal” routine.
  • Have backpacks packed and by the door, (or things laid out on the desk) the night before.
  • Have a regular wake-up time.
  • Eat breakfast!
  • Plan to be ready early, then if you are running late you’re actually on time.
  • Take advantage of free time at school (or at home) to study or do homework.
  • If you don’t understand an assignment… ask for help.
  • Have a snack after school.
  •  Knock out that homework.
  • If there are extra-curricular activities, make a schedule to see how to fit everything in.

School time doesn’t need to be a stressful time.  One day, you will look back on the school years and miss them.  Don’t miss out now.  Enjoy this time with your children. 

You’ve heard that saying, “Kids spell love T-I-M-E.” 

Children do well in school when things are going well at home, especially since they are home more than would typically be expected this year. Studies show that 30 minutes one-on-one time a week, with each child, can be beneficial to the parent/child relationship.  This is their time to do something fun with you.  If they want to shoot hoops, but you’re not a basketball fan – do it anyway, and have fun with it.  Thirty minutes with an angry or passive parent doesn’t count.  Have fun with your kids!  They will remember it when they are parents, trust me.

Make plans to start this pandemic school year out on the right foot, adjust as needed, follow through, and finish strong!