Road trip safety

Road trip safety

Short and sweet this week, but packed with information!

As you may have heard, my daughter-in-law and grandkids were in a car accident on Memorial Day weekend.  Nobody had any major injuries.  The kids seem fine.  So let me say now… “IF YOU HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN WHO BELONG IN A CAR SEAT – USE IT!”  You can even take it to the police station and they will check that it is properly installed.  They were rear-ended and I believe it was the fact that the kids were in their car seats that allowed them to be relatively, physically, okay.

It IS travel season and I thought it would be good information for you if I sent out some links about road trip safety. I am not an expert on travel safety.  I am just finding the info and passing it along.

WHOA!  This is good info – loose items, in a crash, can cause major damage.

Okay, I’m sure you get the idea.  Oh, and NEVER drink & drive!

Everyone have an enjoyable (and safe) summer!



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