Righteous Anger and Peaceful Protest

Righteous Anger and Peaceful Protest

I’m sorry, but I do not understand how burning businesses brings Michael Brown back, or even helps prove a point.

I understand people are upset about the decision to not charge the police officer.  Was the grand jury acting correctly when they made that decision?  We will never know what truly happened that night.  There are so many conflicting stories of the event.  Did the grand jury intentionally decide improperly?  Perhaps some folks believe that, but I have to believe the jury did the best they could with the responsibility they had.  The decision has been handed down.  Now how do we, as a nation, move forward?

Why do I pose the question with “as a nation?”  The entire nation is affected by the violence that seems to be attached to most protests against the decision.  This is no longer a Ferguson issue, it is a national issue.

Yes, the shooting, the violence following the shooting, the trial, the decision, and the following violence have captured the attention of the entire country.  Perhaps people have the right to be angry about the way this all went down, but does that give them the right to be violent in their protests?

I can think of two great men, in my life time, that have affected great change in their countries and have done it, not by burning property and threatening people, but with peaceful protest.  I am speaking of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.  Both great men, with a worthy cause, who made huge sacrifices to bring change in a peaceful manner.

If I remember correctly, the Brown family requested non-violence no matter what the grand jury’s decision was.  President Obama also has requested non-violence in response to the verdict.  Many people have expressed their disappointment with the outcome, but have also requested for the violence to stop. 

WHY does the violence continue?  HA! If I had the answer to that, I’d be famous.  I just don’t understand how setting the town on fire helps anyone or anything.  Is it possible that “haters” are taking advantage of a volatile situation in order to take advantage of others for their own personal gain?  Oh, I certainly hope not, but it has crossed my mind.

Yes, for those who disagree with the decision you have a right to be angry.  Go ahead and protest, peacefully.  History proves that peaceful protest works.  Give it a try and stop the violence!


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