Riding out Florence

Riding out Florence

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend who is frantic about the incoming hurricane. She was tracking it relentlessly and checking her phone for updates, constantly. She has family on the coast and was, understandably, concerned. However, her concern was stressing her out… big time.

Her family had come to stay with her. One might think this was why she was stressed. Nope. She was stressed because she was going to the land of “What If.” She was most concerned that her family’s home would be destroyed and they would lose everything.

My parting comment was, “If your family has moved to a safe location and brought everything the determine to be of the utmost importance… the rest is just ‘stuff’.” Yes, it will be awful if the house is destroyed, but it’s just a house. They have brought what makes that house a home with them. There’s really no need to stress about “stuff.” She gave me a sheepish grin and we said our, “stay safes” as I headed home.

I admit, I have moved my family genealogy papers and pictures to a high, inner, closet. Other than that, we are prepared. If we had been advised to evacuate, we sure would have packed up and left. We’re not going to put our lives at risk. We have received no such notice. We watch as Florence comes our way and we are prepared to hunker down.

If you have followed the advice of local authorities by leaving or preparing to ride the storm out, you are as ready as you’re going to be. You can’t start asking yourself all those possible “what if” scenarios. It’ll will cause you all sorts of unnecessary stress. Stress is not good for your physical, or mental/emotional health. No need to borrow trouble.

You are ready to weather the storm. Be wise, stay safe, and try not to worry.

*Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management Coach in the Raleigh area.