Reusable bags can get disgusting

Reusable bags can get disgusting

As I was going through the checkout line at Walmart yesterday afternoon, I had quite a listen to the cashier. I say “listen to” because it certainly wasn’t what I would call a “conversation.” I listened to the woman go on (and on) about my reusable bags, and other peoples reusable bags.

It started with her thanking me for bringing clean bags to the register and continued with numerous disgusting stories of the bags other people have brought through her line. It ended with, “You should blog about that.”

How could she have known I would be writing my blog last night? She couldn’t have. She doesn’t even know I write a blog! It did give me something to write about though.

She made some very valid points, the biggest one being that reusable bags should be washed periodically. I wash mine about once a month, sooner if they obviously need it.

I haven’t really ever thought about the fact that my reusable bags would leave an impression on a cashier. Isn’t it interesting the things people think about us, and tell others? I suppose no matter what we do, we are leaving some sort of impression on the people around us. That is certainly something to think about.

Oh, and be sure to wash your reusable bags every once in a while!

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*


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