Reflections of the day

I hope everyone had a marvelous Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and food – grin.  Prayers going out to those families who have a loved one in harm’s way this year and have left an empty spot at the table (and in their hearts).

My Thanksgiving was a whirlwind of emotions.

My husband & soldier/son were up in Vermont visiting family for the week and were to arrive Thanksgiving evening.  My older son & his family were to be spending the day with his in-laws.  So I was going to be alone for most of the day.  When asked what I would be doing my response was, “Meeting up with 15,000 of my closest friends, running the Drumstick Dash 5k, early in the morning, spending the day contemplating life, and picking the Jims up at 6.”  I had a couple of people invite me over for dinner, but I truly was planning to spend time contemplating life.

I had intended to be alone and think about, then BLOG about, all the people who are alone for holidays.  For example widows, orphans, and single soldiers.   However, at 8PM Wednesday evening my day took a turn.

I got a text message from my son’s fiancé asking if I would like them to come spend the day with me.  ARE YOU KIDDING?!  Of course!  So, I had to set about unfreezing a chicken, and getting things prepared.  I was so excited.  We decided to eat late, so my entire family would actually be here for Thanksgiving dinner. What a wonderful, unexpected surprise!


So, let me say that expectations can ruin your day.  I ran in the morning & felt empowered after completing the race – grin.  I got home to shower & clean the house because I expected, based on our conversation, that my oldest and his family would be here after lunch.  At, 3:00 I started cooking.  At 5:30, I called to find out where they were because someone had to pick up the Jims at the airport.  They showed up at 5:35 (having forgotten dessert).  I gave instructions on what still had to be cooked and promptly left.  In my thought process, I would go by the grocery store (since I was going that way anyway) and pick up a dessert.  Well, after heading that way, I realized I should have been going the other way to go to the airport, sigh.  The grocery store was closed, so I kept on driving and got back on track to the airport.


As I was driving, I thought,” Ya know expectations sure can mess things up.“   My expectations had originally been to be alone.  Then I got very excited to have family around and my expectations had been of cooking with my granddaughter & snuggling with my grandson.  Those were not the expectations of my son’s family.  They had lunch, put the kids down for naps, watched football, and made the trip out here when it was convenient for them.  And that’s fine.  Really, it is.  My expectations were not their expectations.

I could have gone into a major mood slump because the day didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted, but I chose not to do that.  Instead, I thought, “Reality check, Pam.  You are going to have your whole family together for Thanksgiving dinner.  Who knows when that might happen again?  Relax and enjoy this time.”  I was able to put thing into perspective and we had a wonderful evening. 


I didn’t cook with my granddaughter, but we played hide & seek and she sang a couple of songs she learned in pre-school.  I was able to snuggle with my grandson.  We took a group photo that turned out great on the first take.  My youngest said. “Cool.  One and done.”  Grin.


Upon reflection, I had a terrific Thanksgiving Day.  Nothing like I had originally anticipated, or secondly expected, but it WAS a terrific day, for which I will always be thankful.    


I hope you Thanksgiving was everything you expected it to be.  If it wasn’t, I hope it still turned out to be wonderful.

Remember to keep those who spend the holidays alone in your thoughts and prayers.  Maybe invite someone to your table next year.

For those of you who went Black Friday shopping… hope you got some great deals!  For those who stayed home (like me)… I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

 Love to all.

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