Reflections from bootcamp

Reflections from bootcamp

Reflections from Bootcamp

I must confess, I am writing my Friday BLOG on Tuesday (shhhh – grin). 

I am headed down to see my son graduate from Army infantry training very early Wednesday morning.

We are so very proud of our son, and I know it will be an emotional rollercoaster weekend.  We have seen our soldier for only two days since February 1st.  Thankfully, he has been stateside during all of that time, but as an infantry soldier, we anticipate his deployment in the very near future.  And yes – okay – I’m going to say it – you won’t hear us say this often, but ya know what, it’s real and it’s true – we fear for our soldier’s safety.  Ok, there it is, it’s out.  Now, having said that, I must follow it with – we have to trust our son, his training, the military, and God (insert sucking in of breath sound). Did I say God?  Yes, because, I have come to understand that I cannot control this situation – much to my chagrin – and I have to believe there is a God who will be looking out for my son and I pray for his Faith, Focus, Wisdom, and Safety every day!! 

Wow, Hmm, got on my soap box there for a minute.  Being an Army brat, I have military duty and honor ingrained in my upbringing, so now I have it from the parent’s view.  If I dwell on it, I can allow myself to get upset with how a majority of US citizens continue to live their lives as if we are not at war, like these soldiers are just having a typical day at the office, and their families are like any other neighbor.  Ah, while a military family can show “normalcy” on the outside – they are in constant turmoil on the inside.  I know that any time my husband and I have some down time, when our mind is not occupied with the here and now, our thoughts turn to our son.  How’s he doing, what’s he doing, is he okay?  And he is still on US soil!  Oh, I know the thoughts and prayers will increase when he is deployed.  How can they not?

Oh my goodness, I could go on – but I won’t.  My husband has suggested we put out a book about the struggles a military family goes through.  I’m considering it. 

If you know a military family, thank them for their sacrifice.  They are the silent heroes.  They have to go on with their days, as if their loved one is just at the office.  Can you imagine?

If you see a soldier – THANK THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY.  Those folks are putting their lives on the line – literally – for our country.

Okay, enough for today.  I am an Army Strong Mom – F.F.W.S – HOOAH!

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