Receiving Gifts

Receiving Gifts

I am blessed.  I have received a number of little “I’m thinking of you” gifts in the last month.  How sweet it that?

Truth be told… I don’t need these little gifts, and often pass them on to others.  If it’s a food gift, Jim is happy to take care of it for me (haha).   

I understand why people give gifts; it makes them feel good.  They want to let someone else know they care, and that is very kind.  I believe that gift givers tend to enjoy receiving gifts.  I know… it’s better to give than to receive, and I love to do things for others because, it makes me feel good.  However, if you have read any of the Love Language books, by Dr. Gary Chapman, you will understand that people often give in their love language.

I have this talk with people often.  My love language is “physical touch.”  If I hug someone who’s love language is “words of affirmation” I enjoy it more than they do.  They would rather I told them that I appreciate them instead of hugging them.  You must communicate with others the way they desire to be communicated with, not the way you want it.  In that way you are letting them know you understand them, as well as care about them.

My parents are coming to visit and happen to be arriving on Mother’s Day.  My mom said something about bringing me a box of candy.  I told her not to do that, I won’t eat it (I’m trying to watch my weight).  My dad chimed in (a little jokingly but not totally), “We’re going to bring you a box of candy and you will like it.  It’s the thought that counts.”

Well, he’s got me there. 

It is the thought that counts, and it’s important to receive gifts well.  It can actually rob the giver of the joy they have from the giving of the gift if you don’t receive gifts well.