Rainy Daze

Rainy Daze

Elsa has arrived in Fuquay, as a rainy day. Thankful that’s all it is and praying for those who felt her fury earlier in the week.  I do enjoy a rainy day.

I tend to live life at the speed of light. I like it that way, never a dull moment. However, sometimes I need to chillax a little bit. Days like today force me to do that, and I enjoy them.  I have nowhere to be, nothing specific to get done and no pressing time concerns. It is so freeing!  I didn’t even get in the shower until 11:00am!  I am currently sitting in my hammock chair, on the back patio, looking out at the rain, writing. Ah, glorious.

I suppose if you work outside and lose money, due to lack of work on a rainy day, that could be maddening. Maybe you have to drive to your place of employment in a downpour. That’s no fun. I did tell Jim, as he left for work, to drive safely.  I understand that rainy days are not everyone’s favorite, especially if there are many of them in a row. I also know I am blessed to be able to stay home on these rainy days and soak in the peacefulness.

I do think we all need rainy daze in our lives. Even if it isn’t on a day that it is raining. Follow me with this… We all need a day that we have nowhere to be, nothing specific to get done and no pressing time concerns. For many people, that is called “the weekend,” but for families with two working parents, the weekend can be taken up with house/yard work, leaving little time to enjoy some rejuvenating peace.  No matter your circumstances, or the weather, we must find time to sit and rest. It is important to our physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you have a family, it is also important to unplug and find peacefulness together. Enjoyable family time is essential to healthy family relationships. But, remember, self-care comes first. Not in a selfish fashion, but with the understanding that, if you are drained, you have nothing to give to others. Fill yourself up with relaxed energy, peacefulness, and joy. Then, go share that with the people you love.

I hope you were able to enjoy the recent rain day. But if not, consider finding time to relax and enjoy a rainy daze, no matter the weather.