Are you Positive Pattie or Negative Nellie?

Are you Positive Pattie or Negative Nellie?

Many people have a natural tendency towards one personality type or another.  We have

  • Doug & Wendy Whiner
  • Chatty Cathy
  • Complaining Charlie
  • Positive Pattie
  • Peppy Pammy
  • Negative Nellie
  • Sarcastic Sammy
  • Woe is me Wendy
  • and probably some more that you could think of

    *Please note, this is nothing personal to people who happen to have the names mentioned – grin.*

    Often times, like minded people hang out together; they seem to understand each other.  Sometimes, people with a different outlook on life happen to cross each other’s paths.  As in this example…

    I was walking out of the school building with someone else who worked in the building.  We’d never met, but we were walking next to each other in an awkward silence.  The other person said, “I wish this rain would stop, I am so ready for summer.”  I responded, “I’m ready for summer, too.  At least it isn’t snowing.”  Talk about an awkward silence.  It seemed like forever that we continued walking, in silence.  Then the person said, “That’s a positive way to look at it.  I should try to do that more often.”  To which I chuckled and we parted ways.

    The next day, I saw the person at work.  She looked my way and kept talking to her friends, but I think she had a look that said something like, there’s that lady I talked to yesterday.  I went home and told Jim, “I think I had a positive effect on someone at work!”  You see, that is what I tell people I want to do with my life – make a positive difference in someone’s life.  The co-worker may not change her ways, but she might think before she complains to a stranger – teehee.

    Seriously though, whether you realize it or not, your behavior, attitude, and interactions affect the people around you.  How are you affecting your co-workers, friends, family members, your kids?  Are you being a Positive Pattie or a Negative Nellie?

    If you decide you want to change your outlook/ attitude, the best way I know how is to hang around with someone who acts like you want to act.  Our environment truly does rub off on us.

    It’s the weekend, go hang out with someone who is fun to be around!


    *Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management coach in the Raleigh area.*



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