Please stop spamming our blog.

Please stop spamming our blog.

WOW! I just deleted 403 comments on our blog posts. Let me just say...
1. We don't need a loan
2. We don't need insurance
3. We don't need Cialis or Viagra
4. We are not in the market to purchase anything
5. We have no desire to watch porn sites
6. We are not looking for SEO assistance
7. We are not, currently, in need of guest bloggers
8. We don't read any language besides English

I think that covers most of the topics for the comments I just deleted.

We do our best to put helpful, encouraging, positive thought provoking blogs out.  Help us keep doing that.  Have a little respect and please stop spamming the blog.

If you are gong to post about one of the seven things listed above, please don't. 

Now, if you have a legitimate comment on something we've posted, we'd be happy to read it, and respond.