Personal choice is a matter of personal choice.

Personal choice is a matter of personal choice.

I witnessed a little bit of a unhappy discussion yesterday. At the end, one person said it me, “It looked like she wanted to get mad.”

Interested phrase, don’t you think? Actually, it’s quite accurate. That person had a choice to make, whether to get mad or not. Perhaps she did want to get mad, but she chose not to. That is a perfect example of thinking something through and making a wise choice.

Personal choice is the choice WE make. Whether the choice we make is right or wrong is up to US. I can try to place blame for my problems on someone else, or the situation. Ultimately, though, the choice that was made was my choice & I and I alone am responsible for the choices I make. Nobody can “make” me do anything.

Some choices are not a major big deal – what color sweater should I wear today? Should I buy my lunch or pack? Do I want cream & sugar in my coffee?

Other choices are BIG choices! Do I want to have that last drink before I drive home? Do I want to go to college or get a job? Do I want to get into a physical relationship with this person? Are we ready to purchase a home? Do I want to work outside the home or stay home with my children? There are MANY more choices that people make.

Think about the choices you are making, every day. Take a minute to look down the road at the consequences of those choices. What do you see? Do you see wonderful things happening because of your decision? If you don’t, I would suggest you take another minute and think about the choice you are about to make. Weigh your options carefully, and make the best choice – for you.

It’s Saturday! What will you be doing this weekend? OH! There it is again… choices! Grin.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, and the author of The Decision to Change.*


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