Peaceful snowfall

Peaceful snowfall

Snowfall is so peaceful

I was asked to give a brief write up of something I considered to be old fashioned.  My response was…

The older I get the more I dislike that 4 letter “s” word (snow).  But I have to admit, it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without it.  I like a good “old fashioned” Christmas… when it snows on Christmas Eve and the world seems quiet and peaceful – until Christmas morning when chaos reigns.  Grin.”  What I didn’t mention was that I also want the snow to be gone on December 26th.  I really am not a fan of winter.

However, when it was time to start writing my blog, I got to thinking about the effects of a Christmas Eve snow.  I’m not talking about road conditions, but of soul conditions.  I think most people will admit, even if they are sun, summer, beach fans (like me), that a nice, big, wet, fluffy, evening snowfall is peaceful to ponder.  I wonder why that is?

Perhaps it’s because it’s pretty, or because snow stifles sound.  Maybe it’s because most people are inside at that time and everything seems quiet.  It could be that it’s too cold to be out, and as we sit by the fireplace all warm and cozy.

Whatever it is, snow fall does seem to bring a calming, peaceful feeling to folks.

You may live in a location that will not have snow.  That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the calming peace that it brings.  Use your imagination.  Go ahead.  Sit somewhere comfortable and relatively quiet.  Visualize that nice, big, wet, fluffy, evening snowfall.  Can you see it?  Take a deep breath in… and out… smile.  Stay there for a couple of minutes.  Okay, how do you feel? 

I hope you feel peaceful and that the peace you feel now will carry through the hustle and bustle of the rest of the year activities.  If you feel yourself getting all tensed up and stressed out, go back to the snowfall.  It may not be in your location this year, but it can be in your mind, and in your soul, at any time you choose to seek it.

*Apparently, you can even #Youtube falling snow!