Pay Attention While Driving!

Pay Attention While Driving!

Wow.  That is what I said, for about five minutes straight, yesterday.

I was driving on I40, heading to an appointment in Durham, in the passing lane cruising along about 70mph and singing with the radio. 

Out of the corner of my eye I see smoke or dust or something.  I glance over and (as quickly as your eye can notice at 70mph) see a car headed straight for me from the opposite side!  He’s about to crash through the guard rail when he jerks the wheel the other way.  The back end of his car hits the guard rail and puts him in a tailspin and the car behind him hits him.  And then I was away from it (remember I’m going 70mph the other way).  I glanced back in my mirror.  The car didn’t flip and it actually didn’t look like too bad of a wreck, if you were on a NASCAR track. 

Wait a minute… that guy coulda KILLED me!   Let the five minutes of “Wow” begin, as well as a “Thank You Lord for protecting me and please let everyone be okay.”

On the way home, from said meeting, I watched this guy in front of me switch lanes and almost completely side slam the car next to him.  He noticed the car in time and got back into our lane, at which time I gave him lots of space.  Again, I thanked God for keeping me safe.  Grin.

I don’t know the reason the first accident happened.  I suppose it could have been a blow out.  It also may have been the driver on the phone, or texting, or another driver distracted hit him and caused him to go out of control.  I do believe that could have been a very bad accident and am thankful that whatever the cause, the driver was able to get things sort of back under control (enough to avoid a BIG crash).

 As for the driver trying to pass, I can only guess he wasn’t paying attention.  Remember, all cars have blind spots.  Know where yours are and make the proper adjustments to know who is around you, on all sides, before changing lanes!

Bottom line – be an aware driver.  No matter how good, careful, defensive driver you are – there may be someone around you who is distracted.  Be aware and be safe!



*Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management coach in the Raleigh/Durham area.*


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