Patterns and Paths

Patterns and Paths

On a recent beach getaway, I noticed the patterns in the sand, left by waves and the footprints.

I took this picture because I knew I wanted to use it as a blog topic at some point. Today is that day.

There are many patterns in our lives—some set by nature, some by others, and still more by ourselves.

Nature may set our pattern of sleep or our options for work/life balance.  Our employers, spouses, children, even outside forces such as government programs all may be setting the patterns in our lives. Then there’s us. We can set patterns in our lives without even noticing them. Maybe we go out every Friday night, go to church every Sunday, or go to bed at a particular time each evening. Sure, we likely decided to do such things in the first place, but they have become routine at this point.  Much like the mark, the waves leave in the sand; the thing about patterns is that they can change.  Sometimes by our choice, other times not.

The paths we take may follow the patterns, or they make not. That choice is ours. I see three distinct paths through the patterns on the sand. More than one person was walking the upper and lower path, but the person walking the middle path was alone.

I wonder what their thought process was as they saw the paths others had taken and chose not to follow them. Oh… wait… I think that was US! Jim and I were walking, and I asked him to hold up while I took this picture, and he turned back to give me a clear shot. HA! I do tend to be one who will walk a different path than others. How about you? Do you find yourself wandering the same path as others or making new footprints in the sand?

Do you find yourself following patterns or routines that keep you on the same path you’ve been on for years?  Has that path led you to where you want to go?  I hope so and that you are enjoying the scenery along your journey.  If not, let this be a gentle reminder that you are not stuck. You do not have to follow the same path as others or even the same patterned way you have been walking.  Be bold, be happy, choose joy, and find peace.

*Feel free to reach out if you are ready to make a change.