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Pam’s favorite tip to get to sleep

I don’t often have trouble sleeping, but I did find myself wide awake one night a couple weeks ago.  It was quite annoying, just lying in bed – awake – waiting to fall asleep.  No fun!  I can see how people who struggle to get to sleep at night could get frustrated by staying awake.

I have written about sleep in the past and was recently approached by someone to include their information in one of our newsletters.  I certainly don’t ever consider that until I have checked out their website.  More on what I discovered a few paragraphs down.

As for the night I was wide awake when I wanted to be sleeping…

I tried to clear my mind and was successful.  My mind was blank but, I was still wide awake.  Then I remembered one of my favorite sleep tips.  I used my own advice and was soon snoozing away.

Want to know the tip? 

I did a reset!  What am I talking about?

Most people have a bedtime routine.  Some of you may:

  • Shower and brush your teeth
  • Watch a movie
  • Have a snack or a cup of tea
  • Read a book
  • Or any number of other things

For me, I read my Bible, read a fiction book, and maybe play a game on my iPad before I turn the light out.

Here’s my favorite tip:  If you have laid in bed, trying to sleep for 30 minutes – get up and reset your body.

Our bodies recognize our bedtime routine, so it knows when it’s time to start winding down for sleep.  If you are having trouble sleeping, get up and go through your routine again.  It can trick your body into realizing it’s time to go to sleep.

Now for the person who asked about sharing their company information with our readers…

Tuck is a website that has a plethora of information!  You can peruse their site and learn way more than I can type up in numerous newsletters, all in one place.  I suggest you give them a look.

May you have many restful evenings ahead.

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