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Pam Horton

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Pam Horton I am a wife, mother and grandmother, an Army Brat and Army Mom. My degree is in management. I worked in public schools for over fourteen years. I have a passion for our military and their families, a natural ability for encouraging others, a knack to see organization in chaos, and a heart for the struggling teen/young adult.

I enjoy life, each & every day. I often cling to one of my favorite phrases, “It is what it is and… it’s all good.”

Not everyone is blessed with the responsibility of serving our country. It does take a special family. It takes you. We would be honored to join with you and your family in this journey as we bring knowledge, strength, confidence, and hope for the future. Your time as a military family member should be one of both support and understanding. The worry and stress can be managed. With the unique background of both Army BRAT and Army Parent we can help.

STRESS! Oh, yes – we all have stress. There are some interesting concepts that can help you manage your stress and have a more peaceful day, or night.

Are you a teenager or young adult who is unhappy with the way things are going? Are you living life as it comes, without seeing the future consequences of your decisions? Do you feel STUCK? Not sure how to change your situation or who you can turn to for help? Could you use someone without the emotional ties to your situation, someone to bring a different perspective to the picture? You can set your life on a different path. Have that bright future you dream of! You need to make the decision to change. Think about the possibilities.

Parenting today’s kids can sometimes be a struggle. As parents, we try our best with the knowledge we have. Sometimes it takes some new ideas to get things back on track. You can choose to have that happy home we all dream of.

Organizational Skills come naturally, to some people. For others, it’s a learned technique. If being organized isn’t your natural tendency, you are not alone. Rest assured, there is a way to get yourself organized, if you choose to.


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Call (919) 290-5796 or email for a FREE “Get Acquainted” session.

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