“One of those days”

“One of those days”

I recently had one of those days. You know the ones. The day when it seems like nothing is going as it should be. We all have them.

Mine was on a busy day (aren’t they all?) when I was trying to get lots of baking done before my zucchini spoiled. I had been blessed with an abundance of zucchini that week. There was no way we were going to eat it all, and Jim had requested some homemade zucchini bread. I was trying to get too many loaves done in a short period of time. In my hurrying around the kitchen I periodically started to drop things. That should have been my warning sign, but I can be a little strong willed, so I continued to hurry through the process. In the midst of making the last loaf, I finally hurried too quickly and dropped an egg, on the wooden floor. YUCK!

Well THAT made me slow down! After I rushed to clean it up. I did not want raw egg seeping into the seams of the floor. And then, I laughed out loud. I mean, what was I going to do, cry? No use crying, the mess had already happened, and been cleaned up. I had been dropping things all morning, so this was just the culmination of my stubbornness to forge ahead as quickly as I could.

Can you relate to my day? It may not have been a broken egg, but something went unexpectedly wrong. How did you deal with it? Did you cry or get angry, correct it quickly and move on, or have a good old-fashioned chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all?

May I suggest that crying or getting angry will not help the situation. For that matter, laughing about it doesn’t help either. All of those reactions are emotions. Of course, everyone is entitled to feel the emotions that their brain emits, but I think that it is best to get the emotion under control quickly and move on to the action point.

The actions we take after something goes terribly wrong, are the things that determine how we recover from it.
A typical scenario would go like this…
Emotional reaction
Quick recovery from emotion
Appropriate positive action
Have a good laugh about it, when it’s finished

Laughter is a great way to release some stress. After you’ve laughed about it, you have positioned yourself to have a fantastic finish to your day!