On my high horse today, it’s just my opinion

On my high horse today, it’s just my opinion

What is it with FML??

I’m going to get on my soapbox for this one – no offense intended towards my younger generation friends. 

Sitting here with a purring cat in my lap, I ponder what FML really means.  I see the term used almost as often as LOL, but it has a way different meaning.  For those of you who don’t know what it means (don’t feel bad, when I first starting seeing FML on peoples FaceBook statuses, I kept trying to make it the abbreviation for FaMiLy, but that didn’t make sense, so I finally asked somebody) it stands for Fword My Life.

Let me tell you that the Fword is not one of my favorites (although, I must confess – I knew how to use it in my younger days – I just choose not to anymore).  It seems that the Fword has become an adjective.  F this, F you, WTF, Fing any number of things, etc.  But, FML – what does that look like?  Ok, no, let’s not go there.  What does a person using this term really mean?  This sucks? (Another nonfavorite word, and I did not use this one – actually I used it once last year and my friend almost fell over at the look of shock on my face – haha).  I hate my life?  Shoot me now?  I screwed up again?  Oh, no that’s “My bad.”  I guess I just don’t understand why anyone would even choose to use this phrase.  Sigh, I must be getting old.

It’s a difficult topic to write on, since I don’t fully understand why someone would use it or what it really means.  I just felt compelled to say – It makes no sense, it’s vulgar, and you are too wise and attractive to have that trash on your FaceBook page.  Okay, there – I said it.  Again, seriously, no offense intended, but maybe it’s time to come up with a different catchphrase.

Just Sayin’.

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