We obviously aren’t south enough yet

We obviously aren’t south enough yet

Winter, in the south, is     interesting.  Some people love to see it snow, while others would prefer it didn’t.

I have lived in the south, over varying times in my life for about 19 years.  Counter that with 23 in New York/New England.  Sprinkle in other areas of the country, as well as six years out of the country, and there you have my life.  Having lived in Virginia a couple of times, as a child, I knew when we moved there that it had all four seasons. 

Somehow I thought North Carolina would be different.  The first year we were here, I was mowing the lawn on December 24th.  Oh yeah. I’m liking this.  Then, I discovered that winter does, indeed, come to North Carolina.

Again, having lived many years where the temperature was -33 a few days ago.  A North Carolina winter is a piece of cake.  And yet, I, admittedly, have become a weather wimp.  I don’t much care for ice and snow and any temperature below 65. 

I am however, thankful that I’m not back up in Vermont right now, where many of my relatives are not really feeling too much sympathy for me. Haha.

I worked last Monday, then schools were closed the rest of the week.  I worked this Monday and schools have been closed all week.  I am itching to get out of the house and be around people!  I did manage to find the bright side of being stuck in the house.

  • We didn’t lose power last week, and only lost power for an hour or so yesterday
  • We did have a tree go down, but it didn’t land on anything
  • I have gotten a new book written  “Rory’s Story: Having an autistic brother” should be available soon
  • I’ve been practicing a presentation I’m giving on an upcoming Understanding PTSD Symposium

Jim’s offices have been closed a few days, so we’ve gotten to spend some extra time together

 We don’t have family in the area, so I can’t say I did anything fun with my children and grandchildren, but if they were here, I would have been doing fun activities with them.

Sometimes, circumstances aren’t what we would like, but we CAN find a way to turn things into a positive situation, while still being in the parameters of the unpleasant circumstance. Don’t let life get ya down. 

Find a way to be productive, relax, and enjoy life. 


Rejoice evermore (1 Thessalonians 5:16)

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*



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