Notes about less stress

Notes about less stress

Some tips and interesting facts I am learning in my Stress Coaching course

(Some random notes from the lessons)

Our bodies were designed for stress – the infrequent “Oh My Goodness!”, or “AHHHHH!” emergency type. Our adrenaline goes up to help us deal with the stress, and then subsides. However in today’s society, many of us run on constant stress, so our adrenaline levels are constantly going up & down.

There is also a hormone called cortisol that builds up with stress. As our adrenaline goes up and down, our cortisol levels adjust to a higher (and higher) level. Cortisol can block your bodies regular functioning – hence stress can make you look older, be sick more often, depressed and fat. Yes, fat. I always thought stressed people were thin, but apparently cortisol tends to store around your middle.

Did you know that as adrenaline goes up blood is drawn away from your hands & feet? Cold hands can be a sign of stress – hmmmm. I knew that warming your hands & feet is supposed to help w/ migraines, but apparently it helps with stress too.

– Physical exercise helps burn the surplus adrenaline in our system.
– Relaxation and rest allow your body to rejuvenate.
– A traumatic event can actually reset the chemical levels in your brain.

You can enhance your brain’s health by:

– Exercise
– Do not use alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or caffeine.
– Get 7-9 hours of sleep at night
– Keep learning
– Do an activity that requires coordination
– Take fish oil
– Eat healthy & drink enough water

Chronic stress is prevalent and not good for our brains or our bodies.

That old adage “work before play” is a good one. If we complete the tasks we must do, early in the day, then they are out of sight out of mind – instead of constantly hanging over us. “Oh, man I gotta do that report, but let me go shoot hoops w/ my peeps first,” doesn’t work because we still have the weight of the report sitting in the back of our minds.

If you are experiencing self induced chronic stress – step back from taking on too much, learn to say no.

If chronic stress has been thrust upon you

– Be willing to accept help from others.
– Take time to rest, relax, and recover.
– Don’t get stuck, look for the light at the end of the tunnel & strive for it.

Did you know laughter is a wonderful stress reliever? Young children laugh about 400 times a day. As adults, we laugh about 15 times a day. Embrace your inner child – laugh more.

We sleep in 90min cycles, divided into non-dream & dream sleep.

The first time of our sleep is non dream, and is the longest section of the cycle. Non-dream sleep rejuvenates our body.

We get into a dream state towards the end of the 90-minute cycle. Dream sleep rejuvenates our mind.

Then we come to a state of awake, and typically turn over and go back to sleep to start a new cycle.

The gentleman who presented this lesson claims we need 9 hours of sleep!

The reason people go to sleep but wake up after just a few hours is that their bodies have too high a level of adrenaline. You’ve got to find ways to lower your stimulation to increase your sleep cycles.

Try to increase your sleep time by 15 minutes each week. Once you are sleeping the proper amount, go to bed at the same time each night. Erratic bedtimes mess with your body’s internal clock.

Did you know that if you worry about something for less than three minutes or more than fifteen minutes, you stop worrying? It’s that constant worry throughout the day that will get you (5 minutes here, 10 minutes there).

Suggestions to help stop worrying:

– Recognize that you are worried.
– Sit down and have some dedicated “worry time” – set the timer for 15min.

If you sit down and concentrate on worrying about something, you will find your mind wandering to other things and eventually will come to you’re a-ha moment and ask yourself, “Why am I worrying about this?”

Adopt an attitude of gratitude… count your blessings. When we recognize how blessed we are, our worries become less.

All of these topics came back to the same basic principals – and who would have ever thought that our mothers were right (giggle – love ya Ma)…

– Eat right
– Exercise
– Get enough rest

I have written out these tips and info to be just that – tips & info. I am in no way telling anyone to go do any of the things mentioned here. Any actions taken based on this blog, are your own actions and I claim no responsibility. Just sayin’.

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