Not Again!

Not Again!


Just hearing the news about Virginia Tech. The latest, as I’m writing, is two dead in different parking lots and the suspect still on the loose. Obviously, the school is in lockdown. We all pray for the victims, a quick capture of the shooter, and safety for all.
I just do NOT get this. I do not understand how society has come to believe that shooting people is the way to handle the situation. Of course, I have no idea the motive behind the current shootings. Let’s just take shooting someone in general.

This is not meant to be in anyway a blog about gun control – I’m not stepping into that arena. This is about peoples’ mindset, their values, and their morals.

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but my parents did not teach me to pick up a gun and go kill somebody if I was mad at them. My dad was a soldier, so I suppose he could have taught me this, but being a soldier was his job. Our military and police do not shoot someone because they are mad at them. They shoot someone because, in the course of their job, and for the greater good, they are left with no alternative. Somebody who is mad at their boyfriend/girlfriend, drug dealer, classmates, mom/dad, grandparents, neighbor, etc. should not pick up a gun and shoot them. That is not the proper way to handle a situation – at least as I was taught.

You talk things out, you walk away from drama, you seek a mediator, etc. There are many ways to deal with conflict, other than a gun (or knife for that matter).

Do I want to get on the TV/Movie/Video Game violence bandwagon? Nah, not this time around, but there is research that says watching violence breeds violence. Just look at the number of violent crimes committed by people who live in a violent home. Okay, that’s another blog.

So, maybe we, as a society, haven’t taught our children that shooting someone is the easy to handle a situation. Have we taught them it’s NOT the way to handle a situation? Maybe we are being remiss if we don’t address it with our kids. The infamous “they” say kids learn by example (I’m not sure I buy that 100%, but anyway). Is living a life of nonviolence enough to teach our kids not to pick up a gun? One would hope so, but maybe we are at a place in this country where values and morals must be taught (told) as well as shown (lived).

There are many programs out there now that teach students bullying is not okay. Sad, isn’t it? Kids need to have a program to tell them not to pick on each other. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I wasn’t bullied (that I recall) and I wasn’t a bully. I even got in a fight one time, when I was little, with a girl who was bullying my friend. Chalk one up for the good guys – teehee. Actually, I think I got in trouble with my parents for fighting, but I was just sticking up for someone too little to stick up for themselves. And I didn’t pick up a gun and shoot anybody.

I sure don’t have the answers. I’m really just goin’ on about how disgusted I am that people value other people’s lives so little that they think nothing of takin’ ‘em out.

I do understand a little about mental illness, but I still don’t think that is an excuse. If you know you are about to go off the deep end – seek help. If you live with someone who appears to be about to go off the deep end, seek help. Do some research. Not all of the people who have shot others show obvious signs, but I have got to think someone would notice if something just isn’t right with (whoever). Maybe they just seem a little out of sorts, pay attention to the people around you. If you think someone may need a friend, be one. Remember that you can keep a confidence without being a gossip, but also if someone confides in you that they are thinking of hurting themselves, or others, you have an obligation to report that to someone – a nurse, a teacher, guidance counselor, someone.

Prayers going up for the victims of today’s shootings at Virginia Tech.

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