New Year? No Worries!

New Year? No Worries!

I hear so many people talk about being “worried” these days. I could put all sorts of witty quotes about worry here, but you’ll have to go to the Facebook or Pinterest pages for those. Simply put and all quotes aside, worry doesn’t help.
Who or what have you ever helped by worrying about it? You help by taking action. Worry is not action, it is mental/emotional stress. Worry doesn’t help the other person. In fact, it may cause them extra stress knowing you are worried about them.

A brief story here… when our son was deployed, we received a call from him telling us very little of what was going on and concluding with, “It isn’t good.” What is a parent supposed to do with THAT?
This is the exact point I was able to stop worrying about things. How did I do that?

I came to the following understandings:
• I had absolutely no control over what was happening, or the outcome
• I couldn’t take action to assist
• If I worried about it, I would make myself crazy
• God knows what He’s doing
That was really the key for me. Having faith to believe that even though I had no clue what was going on, God did, and he also knew the outcome, and no matter what that outcome would be, it would be for His good.

A few months later, we learned that he had been “missing, presumed dead” for a few hours that day. I was relieved to hear that information after the fact. Even if I had known, I would have to cling to the above bullet points. There is literally nothing that can be done, but to wait for more information, pray, and trust God.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, but once you decide that you can trust God with whatever is happening, the worry disappears. It happened for me. It can happen for you. Let’s talk.