New things I learned this week

New things I learned this week

My husband and I went to the early release of the movie “Monumental – In search of America’s national treasure” (which I highly recommend everyone see… and take the kids!).  Here is a link to the trailer…

I consider myself to be an early American history buff, in particular Pilgrims, American Revolution and the Civil War.  I do a lot of genealogy research and had ancestors involved in all of these time periods.  So I KNEW I had to see this movie!

My family has been to Plymouth, MA. and done the “tour”.  Interestingly enough, the tour did NOT include the founder’s monument which is the topic of great discussion in the movie.  According to the movie, it is the largest solid granite monument in the country.  It is beautiful and FULL of inspiration.  I can’t believe it wasn’t included in our tour.  Although, it is apparently away from the reenactment village and the Mayflower2, in a residential area so maybe the people who live around it don’t want hordes of people parading through their neighborhood.  I will be doing more research on this monument!

The other thing I learned is that our early Congress actually commissioned the printing of Bibles and had them placed in every school across the country.  Can you imagine THAT?  The government made sure that every school had a Bible.  Bibles were in our schools until 1963 when they were no longer allowed in public schools.  I did not know that.  Probably because I didn’t start attending school until 1965, so there was never a Bible in a public school I attended.  Interesting, don’t you think?

While I went into the movie with interest, I came out with knowledge.  I would bet that even the biggest history buffs among us will learn something from seeing this movie.  At the end of it was a call to action, to start a movement to bring America back to its roots, to find the values and morals it seems many people are lacking these days.  To this I say “HOOAH!”  Let’s make America the great nation we all know it can be.  Bring it on!

Find out where the movie is being shown in your area and plan to take the family this weekend.  Enjoy!

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