Never Alone

Never Alone

You are not alone

Recently, I was on the internet when a post showed up on a support group page I am on.  The person was at their wit’s end and was asking for help.  Thankfully, there were a number of people on the internet at that time and they all started posting encouraging and supporting comments.  This person then posted their phone number.  The group continued to offer their support and encouragement.  One more post from the person, and then nothing.  The group continued posting and trying to draw the person out, trying to get a response, wanting to know the person was still there.  Various people put prayer requests out to their churches. Eventually, a couple folks posted they were in contact with the person via text, whew.  The founder posted she was talking with the person but couldn’t hang up – would someone please call for EMTs and do it quickly.

Did you know that 911 is not national?  911 is only useful in your own state.  If you are calling for assistance for someone in another state you must call their local police.  Just an FYI.

Still there were no postings from the person asking for help.  Calls were made and the page founder posted that help was on the way, please keep posting.  The group continued to offer up kind, supportive posts, until the page founder posted the person had been taken to the hospital.  I think a thankful sigh of relief was heard all over the country.

Later, the person who had asked for help posted their thanks to everyone involved.  They commented how they had felt so alone, but that the quick and spontaneous outpouring of love and support let them know they were not alone.

That is what I want people to come away from this blog with… you are not alone.  We are human beings, the human “race”, and as we race through our days we can forget that there are people around us who could use a friend.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we can feel alone, even in a crowd.

If you ever get to a point where you think you may hurt yourself, or someone else – Please ask for help.  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it actually takes great courage.  Whether you call a friend, family member or neighbor, post it on a social media outlet, or call 911… whichever you choose, please choose to ask for help.  This is proof positive that there are people who care, even if they don’t know you, they care about you, and will do everything in their power to help.  You are not alone.

So thankful that the person who made the original post continues to keep the group updated on their progress, and that they are still here, in this world.

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