Music effects our mood

Music effects our mood

Have you ever just had a song pop into your head?  I’m sure many of you have.  Does it come out of nowhere, or is it the result of something someone said or something you saw?

For me, it’s both.  Usually, it comes from something I see  on social media.  It will spark some song lyrics in my brain, and I often search for the song on YouTube and post it as a response to what the other person had posted.

I choose to listen to Contemporary Christian Music most of the time {His Radio or SpiritFM}.   I pretty much keep it there.  If I can’t get reception on a Christian station, I’ll flip it over to country, but I’m over the “oldies” and I totally don’t do “rap.” 

I definitely use music to help my mood, and the mood of others.  I have one friend that I often swap songs with.  She’ll post something that reminds me of a song, then the song I post reminds her of another song.  Back and forth we go, for a few minutes, just posting music videos on social media.  It’s fun!  Way better than posting bathroom mirror pictures – grin.

Why am I rambling on about posting music videos?  Believe it or not, you can make your friends smile by posting music.  Music isn’t the only thing you can post.  If a friend is having a down day, try to lift their spirits by posting

  • An encouraging song
  • A silly GIF
  • A funny story
  • Sometimes just those silly emojis will do the trick.

You may never know how some small thing you post on Facebook can improve the mood of someone on your page.

Give it a try!  You can post encouraging things to MY page… NewDirection Life Coaching.  That’s what “friends” are for, right?