Military Family Support [OLD]

Military Family Support

Your loved one has just enlisted in the military and you are as proud as you are worried. This is the typical reaction based on your love of country and your love of family. It’s perfectly okay to be worried and a little afraid too. The unknown can be scary. Your role, as a military family member, is to be as supportive, encouraging, and as strong as you can be.

Our focus is to help you get through this exciting journey.  With the unique background of both Army BRAT and Army Parent we can help.

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 Many questions must come to mind as this big decision sinks in:

  • What happens during basic and advanced training?
  • What happens if/when your service member is deployed?
  • How often will I be able to talk to my loved one?
  • How do we adapt to military life and the multitude of stresses that are involved?
  • What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
  • What are the signs, symptoms, and methods of treatment for PTSD?
  • What are the options for benefits and placement when reentering civilian life?

We would be honored to join with you and your family in this journey as we bring knowledge, strength, confidence, and hope for the future.  Your time as a military family member should be one of both support and understanding. The worry and stress can be managed. We can help.

As a Certified Life Coach with a military family background, and a focus on stress management with military application, we can guide you through these challenging times and questions. 

Contact us for your free consultation and learn how we can teach you to be the best support available for your service member.

 We ask that you read our current article about BRATS .

If you currently have a someone in the family challenged with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we highly recommend this Facebook page, Military With PTSD.  It is filled with amazing support!

Not everyone is blessed with the responsibility of serving our country. It does take a special family. It takes you.