It’s a matter of the mind

It’s a matter of the mind

Oh, the itching!  Don’t scratch it, it will make it worse.  I know but… the itching!  Don’t scratch it.  Oh, even just lightly touching it feels so nice. Don’t scratch it.  I know, I know.   Don’t scratch it.  ARGH it itches!   Scratch, scratch, scratch.  Sigh, I shouldn’t have done that.   This is the conversation going on in my head.

Unfortunately, I stepped in a hornet’s nest over the weekend, and am having a severe reaction.  Of course 10 or so stings in close proximity is probably the reason for the problem.  The itching reminds me of when I had the chicken pox as a child.  Did anyone else’s mom tape socks on their hands?  Uh-huh.  Thought so.

It really does become a matter of the mind.  When all the medicines and creams are not working and it still itches, yet you know you shouldn’t scratch it, it turns into a willpower struggle.  I’ll admit, I’ve given in to a couple good scratches, but I’m trying very hard not to.

I think in anything you are trying to do, or trying NOT to do, it becomes a will power struggle.  How many of you have stopped smoking?  Or maybe stopped drinking?  I bet a few of you have gone on a diet at some time in your life.  Willpower.  Obviously those topics are a little more important than whether to scratch or not, but it is the same principal.

For those of you familiar with this situation, have you ever given in to your desire, had a moment of temporary weakness?  How do you handle the set back?  For me, once I gave in to the urge to scratch, I could have continued to scratch until I was bloody, or my foot swelled up like a balloon.  You could decide, I gave in to it, I’m a failure, no sense trying to do (or not do) it.  Uh-uhn… that is the wrong path to take.  Sure, we sometimes have a moment of weakness, but our true strength show up when we decide we made a mistake but we can get back to where we were and continue to go on to the path to health.

Do I wish I hadn’t given in and scratched – sure.  After a couple minutes I regained control of myself.  The urge to scratch didn’t stop, but I knew I had to stop.  I put some cream on my foot, got some ice and sat with my foot elevated.  This too shall pass.

Do what you need to do to get back on track.  Make good choices.  Brace yourself and try to keep that willpower strong.  You’ll find you’re stronger than you think.

You GOT this!


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