Make it Personal

Make it Personal

As I put a Valentine’s Day card in the mail to my grandchildren (who live one state up from us) I recalled that my neighbor in Virginia sends her grandson a card every week, and has since he was born.  They live four states away from each other.  I wondered how many people still send personal notes, just because.

In this day of modern technology, it’s no wonder the US Postal Service is going belly up.  Now, this is not a promo for the post office or any greeting card company, I’m just saying not many people actually send mail anymore.  I am guilty of this myself.  I send out a bunch of Christmas cards, but other than that It’s just easier (quicker & cheaper) to say Happy Birthday on Facebook, or even by sending an E-card.  I do check in with friends, but I do it via, Facebook, email, or phone text.  I touch base with family members the same way, with an added phone call or occasional video call.  Yup, I am definitely guilty of not sitting down and writing a personal note to people.

How often do you receive a personal, handwritten, note?  Probably not very often.  When you do, how does it make you feel?  I know if I receive personal mail – not bills or junk mail, but a letter from a friend or relative – I get a warm fuzzy feeling and smile.  Unless for some reason I get that panicked “what has happened?!” feeling – yeah, that’s not fun, but typically when I get a letter in the mail, I smile.

Is there someone you can think of that could use a smile?  Here’s a jumpstart possibility list…




Aunts, Uncles, cousins


Someone serving in the military – they LOVE to get mail

Classmates from “back in the day”

Neighbors you haven’t seen lately

Friends in other states

Someone from church who has been ill


And the list could go on.

I know it seems to be a lost art, but go ahead – take pen in hand, put it to paper and make someone smile.

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